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A published artificial insemination human liver microsome research showed that about 16 % of Colchicine is metabolized to 2-O-demethylColchicine and also 3-O-demethylColchicine (2- and 3-DMC, respectively) by CYP3A4. Glucuronidation is additionally thought to be a metabolic pathway for Colchicine.

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In a published research in healthy volunteers, 40 to 65 % of the overall soaked up dose of Colchicine (1 mg administered orally) was recuperated unchanged in pee. Enterohepatic recirculation as well as biliary excretion are also believed to play a part in Colchicine elimination. Colchicine is a substrate of P-gp as well as P-gp efflux is theorized to play an essential part in Colchicine disposition. Elimination half-life in humans was discovered to be 31 h (range 21.7 to 49.9 h).

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Elderly: Pharmacokinetics of Colchicine have not been identified in senior people. A posted report explained the pharmacokinetics of 1 mg oral Colchicine tablet in four elderly females compared with six youthful healthy and balanced males. The mean age of the 4 senior females was 83 years (array 75 to 93), indicate weight was 47 kilograms (38 to 61 kg) and imply creatinine clearance was 46 mL/min (array 25 to 75 mL/min). Mean top plasma levels and AUC of Colchicine were 2 times greater in senior topics compared with young healthy men. It is possible that the higher exposure in the elderly topics was because of lowered kidney feature.

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